How to hack a cyber café time biller

TIP: This Tutorial is for Edcational use only!
Process Suspender is an Application for PC used to prevent over-heating of your pc or laptop, You can freeze any processes or other Software running on your PC using Process Suspender.
This is a very Important Application for every PC users because sometimes while using your PC, You might experience some kind of Slow Movement or Unresponsiveness on some Application, this is due to Some Process running at the Background of you System even if the Particular software has been closed. e.g If you Run Adobe Photoshop Software on your PC and you close it after using it, Some Process of Adobe will Run at the Background and make your System slow sometimes, You can even use Process Suspender to Close, Pause any Software Running.
TIP: Most Guys around use this Application to Pause, Stop Cafe Time B!llers , So that they can Use it Continously without exhausting their Time in a Cafe!
» Interested in Learning How to use Process Suspender to Stop, Pause Cafe Time B!ller? The Same process is applied to close other Applications on your PC not just for Cafe T!mer only!.
1. Download the Process Suspender & Unzip it

2. Run the Process Suspender Application, You will see the List of Process Running Presently.

3. Just Locate the Cafe T!me B!ller name, Right Click on it and Pause it, Your Time will Seize and you can Resume it later On. This Same Step is used for Other Software on your PC, You can Terminate any Software giving your problem on your PC.
WARNING: Be very Cautious when using this Stuff in a Public cafe, If them Catch you ehm, You go See Beating!
To download the process suspender, click here


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